Pole 1.3 Bench

The Pole 1.3 Bench has a solid wood frame with polished stainless steel legs and an upholstered seat cushion.


Wood Option B

North American Ash

European Beech

Black Painted Ash (Open Pore)

Beechwood with Walnut Stain

Ashwood with Light Walnut Stain

Ashwood with Dark Walnut Stain

American White Oak

American Walnut

Leather Option A

Standard Leather-ML084

Standard Leather-ML083

Standard Leather-ML082

Standard Leather-ML081

Standard Leather-HW006

Standard Leather-HW005

Standard Leather-HW004

Standard Leather-HW003

Standard Leather-HW002

Premium Leather-ML076

Premium Leather-ML075

Premium Leather-ML074

Premium Leather-ML073

Premium Leather-ML072

Premium Leather-ML071

Premium Leather-CE09

Premium Leather-CE07

Premium Leather-CE06

Premium Leather-CE05

Premium Leather-CE03

Premium Leather-CE02

Premium Leather-C5212

Premium Leather-C4326

Premium Leather-C3088

Premium Leather-C3002

Premium Leather-C0718

Premium Leather-C0717

Premium Leather-C0716

Premium Leather-C0714

Premium Leather-C0713

Premium Leather-C0712

Premium Leather-C0710

Premium Leather-C0626 Tomato Red

Premium Leather-C0530

Premium Leather-C0319

Premium Leather-C0301

Premium Leather-C0273

Premium Leather-C0219

Premium Leather-C0217

Premium Leather-C0216

Premium Leather-B0720

Deluxe Leather-Harry056

Deluxe Leather-Harry055

Deluxe Leather-Harry054

Deluxe Leather-Harry053

Deluxe Leather-Harry052

Deluxe Leather-Harry051

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